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What are individual eyelash extensions? How long will eyelash extensions last? How should I take care of my extensions? How to apply eyelash extensions. How to remove eyelash extensions: What are mink eyelash extensions? What are cluster eyelash extensions? What type of license do I need to work as an eyelash extensions technician? How many individual eyelash extensions will I use per applcation? Is the product safe? What if there's an allergic reaction? When is the time for a touch up?

What are individual eyelash extensions?

Individual Eyelash Extensions are long-lasting eyelashes made from synthetic materials, real mink, or silk. The extensions are applied directly to the natural eyelash, using black medical-grade, semi-permanent adhesive. This gives natural lashes the appearance of being thicker and longer. BACK

How long will eyelash extensions last?

When applied and cared for properly, the extensions will adhere for the entire cycle of hair growth, which is about six to eight weeks, depending on the individual. Of course, if you pull the synthetic lash, it will come off as well. Natural eyelashes are shed on a regular basis, which may result in multiple extension loss on any given day. This is completely normal, and when the natural lash is shed, the synthetic lash will fall with it. Touch-up applications will be necessary every two to three weeks to maintain a full lash line. BACK

How should I take care of my extensions?

There are a few simple steps to follow to keep your eyelashes looking beautiful. First, do not cleanse eyes, shower, swim, or use a steam or dry sauna for approximately 24 hours after application. Always be gentle with the lashes, and refrain from using an eyelash curler. Avoid all oil-based make-up products and eye make-up remover. Chances are, if clients are having problems with their eyelash extensions it’s because of their make-up remover - just urge them to use non-oil-based products, and to treat their lashes gently. It’s best to remove make-up with an oil-free make-up remover pad to protect the lashes. Additionally, your client’s should avoid using mascara after extensions are applied, unless it is an extension safe mascara. This is a lot to remember, so give your client an appointment card with these instructions printed on it. Think of it as their quick reference guide for staying beautiful. BACK

How to apply eyelash extensions:

  1. Applying under-eye patches...
    When applying under eye stickers/gel patches, make sure you always avoid placing the patch too close to the eye. Try to place it over the lower lashes, about 3-4 millimeters from the lower lash line. Check your client's eyelids from below to make sure upper and lower lids form a seal with absolutely no gaps.
  2. Choosing Lash Variations...
    This is the first step to bringing your vision to life! Always keep your client's real lashes in mind while choosing which extensions to use. Pick color's and size's that are in range and will match with your client's natural eyelashes. Be sure to always use at least three different lengths of extensions that range from 6 mm to 14 mm in length. It is best to use 8 mm lash extensions in the inner corners of the eye to avoid giving your client an artificial clown-like look! (This is a big no-no!) It is also important to use 8 mm extensions all across the eye, between the longer extensions to create a thick lash line. Remember: Failure to mix in short extensions results in empty gaps that make the long extensions look out of place and spidery! (Another big no-no!) For a dramatic effect, go for the thickest (0.25mm) curly extensions. Finer extensions create a more natural flow.
  3. Don’t loose any time!
    The best way to save time during your application procedure is to make sure that the individual eyelash extension is placed properly in the tweezers before you apply or even get the adhesive on the extension. The extension should be oriented at a 90° angle to the straight tweezer for quick, accurate application. This also keeps the client from becoming antsy and they will thank you for it! It also means less time working for you!
  4. Adhesive
    While holding the extension from its tapered end, slowly and carefully dip the extension into the adhesive and try to get just a tad bit of adhesive on the very end of the extension, too little or too much makes all the difference when it comes to creating the perfect lashes. You will get the feel of how much is the right amount for you, if you havent already! Make sure the adhesive is only at the very base of the extension. You can swipe off any excess adhesive prior to applying.
  5. The isolation method
    First, make sure you isolate your client's natural lash with your curved tweezers. While holding the extension from its tapered end, swipe the extension along the natural lash. Then Coat the natural lash with adhesive from base to tip with no gaps in the glue. Spread the adhesive until smooth.
  6. Set and Release
    After swiping the natural lash with enough adhesive to coat it, it is now time to set the extension on the lash about 1/2–1 mm away from the eyelid. Make sure you do not get too close to the eyelid! (Again, you will get the feel for the right amount of space between the eyelid and getting the extension too far from the base of the natural lash). Remember: Safety first! If you arent comfortable aim for farther away from the eyelid, but you want it as close as possible for a super natural look! Next it's time to release! This is where the magic starts happening. Release the extension onto the natural lash. The lash should be facing upwards and parallel to the other lashes without any beads of glue. Always make sure the extensions are going the same direction as the hairgrowth of your clients natural lashes. Rule: Do not touch the extension after setting no matter what! Move on to another area or the opposite eye and repeatedly apply extensions until It becomes difficult to isolate more natural lashes.
  7. Separation
    Rule: No two extensions or natural lashes should be stuck together, ever! Use both sets of tweezers to separate any extensions from neighboring lashes and/or extensions. This step is extremely important, so make sure you get every single natural lash and check twice! Grasp and separate in a horizontal manner. This is best done while the adhesive is dry, but not fully cured. Rule: Never pull in a vertical direction or place any tension on natural lashes. Repeat the application and separation steps until every natural lash is bonded. Watch as your client's eyes come to life!
  8. Finish and Dry
    Once all of your client's natural lashes have an extension securely bonded, it is time to dry this beautiful masterpiece that you have created! Let it dry for at least three minutes. Remember: Patience makes perfect! After three minutes is up mist over your client's closed eyelids and lashes with distilled water, or better yet, Facial Steamer from Got Lash Store. Last but not least, dry again for three more minutes and perform one final round of separation. Wa-lah! Your masterpiece is complete and your client is as happy as can be! Be proud of yourself and give yourself a treat! Be sure to take before and after pictures. Not only is this a personal record of your work but it also shows the client how much more their eyes pop with their new beautiful lashes! Post these great pictures so the world can see your amazing skills!

How to remove eyelash extensions:

When doing a complete removal, you will need the following:

  • Lash remover
  • Eye patches
  • Warm wet cotton
  • Tools
  • Q-tips

Put on the eye patches to help keep the remover out of the eye. Apply the remover with micro-brush wands, making sure it does NOT touch the skin, and let it sit for 10 minutes. Comb through the lashes gently taking off the eyelash extensions. Repeat until all are removed. NOTE* Be sure to tell the client to keep their eyes closed because the remover can sting the eyes. If remover gets in the eye, do not have them open their eyes. Use the warm wet cotton ball to wipe away the remover. Most importantly, just be sure to take your time and be as careful as possible. BACK

What are mink eyelash extensions?


Real Mink eyelash extensions are made from Mink hair and come from the tail.
Our Real Mink lashes are completely cruelty free!
They are simply brushed out of the tail.
Real Mink lashes are used to achieve an extremely natural look. Because Real Mink individual eyelash extensions are made from real hair and not made from synthetic materials, they have a higher quality and are more expensive, just like with hair extensions.
They look and feel exactly like real eyelashes. They are known for being super fluffy, light, and soft.
Real Mink lashes are easier to work with because they are so light and similar to natural lashes.
You have the ability of applying several mink extensions per natural lash.
They usually last longer because of their lighter weigh light accustom very well to the natural eyelashes. Real Mink lashes are the absolute thinnest, or (hollow), lightest, and most luxurious lashes.
They have a unique, shaggy and fluttery look and feel.
Our GotLash Real Mink lashes are curled by hand and sterilized. With certain brands Real Mink can loose their curl after wearing or after contact with moisture. Got Lash Mink Lashes keep their curl over longer periods of time! They have excellent longevity, and are great for stacking and capping.

Vegan Mink

Our Vegan Mink eyelash extensions are made of faux or synthetic mink and are the most popular and affordable extensions used by lash artists today. They are man made of poly-fiber. Like all lash extensions they come in a variety of lengths, diameters and curls.
These lashes are designed to imitate Real Mink eyelashes extensions and are well known for their flexibility.
Unlike some Real Mink extensions you may find, our Vegan Mink Lashes keep their curl forever and always stay as sharp and bold as they are brand new. They are extremely low maintenance and because of this they have been labeled a true favorite by all of our lash artists.
Vegan Mink lashes are a little bolder and glossier than the Real Mink and the Silk. Perfect for different styles and/or a little dramatic effect.
Our GotLash Signature Vegan Mink lashes have a deep black color with a semi-glossy finish. They are thicker than silk, but thinner than loose lashes. Made from precision manufactured synthetic poly/nylon. They create a natural velvety look whilst still giving more impact than most silk lashes do.
Some brands are difficult to pull off the tray. The slightly thinner base can reduce impact along the lash line. BACK

What are cluster eyelash extensions?

Cluster eyelashes are pre made fan eyelashes. These are not correct eyelash extensions and we do not recommend ever using them on clients! They are extremely heavy and have a knot at the end of them where they have already been glued together. This is way too heavy to apply to an individual natural eyelash. It will weigh on your clients natural lashes and cause serious damage to them, someone could even lose their lashes permanently. Some claim that Cluster lashes are the same as Volume lashes, but beware of this because they are completely different. Volume lashes are perfectly safe and wrap around the natural lash harmoniously, while Cluster lashes can be terribly damaging to the natural lash and have no flow or wrap for a natural look. They simply stick out in all directions and end up looking bulky and fake. Because of this, Cluster lashes are quite inexpensive, but Volume lashes are always worth it in the long run. Our GotLash Volume lashes are very precise and thin and give a natural flow to your client’s lashes. They will absolutely love them and they will not suffer any pain, weight, or damages from them at all! BACK

What type of license do I need to work as an eyelash extensions technician?

It depends. Each state, district, or providence is different. Be sure to check with your local regulatory department to ensure you are following proper procedure. It’s professional and it will save you in the long run. BACK

How many individual eyelash extensions will I use per application?

The short answer is, it depends. There are many factors to be taken into consideration. Your client consultation will determine thickness and style of application. Generally, for a full dramatic look, a set will require up to 60 or more lashes per eye. Please note that if you apply 45 or fewer lashes per eye, you’ll probably be seeing that client again within a few weeks for a touch-up. As such, an application of more lashes is recommended for a longer-lasting look. BACK

Is the product safe?

The product is completely safe - the primary ingredient in all of our exclusive adhesives is the same basic ingredient used by plastic surgeons to close wounds without using stitches. You should note, however, that improper application by an unqualified technician could damage the eyes or eyelids. That’s why your clients shouldn’t trust their lashes to just anyone. Similarly, if clients say they can apply synthetic lashes themselves, you can tell them that while it is possible, it is certainly not recommended. Not only is it extremely unsafe, but also the result is often clumpy and unattractive. BACK

What if a client has sensitivity to the adhesive?

Although the vast majority of people will have no reaction what-so-ever to the adhesive glue used during the procedure, their may be the rare case of itchy, dry eyes accompanied by swelling. If your client experiences this reaction, advise the use of an OTC product, or Benadryl. A prescription cream medication can be used such as Desoximetasone. It is always best to seek medical attention if needed. There are also adhesives made for sensitive eyes that do not contain formaldehyde. BACK

When is it time to do a touch-up?

Eyelash fills or touch-ups should be done every 3-4 weeks. Typically, when then natural lashes start to grow out and the extensions are getting too long is a sign you are in need of a touch-up/fill. The touch up or fill procedures consists of first removing the grown out lashes and adding new eyelash extensions to all of regrowth. After four weeks is considered to be a full, completely new set, as the lashes will have completely out-grown their old set by then. BACK