About us

Got Lash is a family owned and operated business with a real dynamic team and vision which is why we believe that quality is THE best business plan! We sign every check and every reciept ourselves. We are completely dedicated to giving all of our students the best customer service possible which means we are always there for you! Never hesitate to contact us with career questions/concerns, any issues with products, and/or follow-up training questions! We are here to insure your success in your career as an eyelash extension artist!

Got Lash Training

We provide multiple courses to give you the best training for your career as an eyelash extension artist. We believe the procedure of applying eyelash extensions to be a true art. We sell only the very best products so we can supply our students with the safest, most efficient tools and products you need throughout your career!

Zaira has been practicing as an Esthetician and Eyelash Extension Technician for over 10 years. She is a certified NovaLash artist. With a strong artistic background Zaira has taken her time to develop the best skills in the field. She has been training Eyelash Extension Technicians for over 5 years. She has accumulated experience in what works and what does NOT work from careful observation and fixing mistakes from other Eyelash Extension Technicians in the fairly new beauty-enhancing artistry, as well as becoming an expert at knowing which look would best fit a clients eye shape. In her experience she has learned to apply every individual eyelash extension customized to naturally match her client's eyelashes, while safely, gently, and technically creating a beautiful flow of eyelashes.

Got Lash Training

Our research and development team is constantly searching for new product developments in order to stay at the forefront of innovations in eyelash extension applications.All of our products are completely free of animal testing and cruelty free!Your success and the safety of your clients drive our quest for excellence.